About Us

About Us

Experts in Fine Fragrances

DB Fragrance Line was established in 2011 where we sold parallel imports to the ever growing market. But, as times changed and it became more and more expensive to rely solely on our imports we ventured into another aspect of the fragrance market. In order to accommodate the every changing economy and to ensure our products were still affordable, we ventured into sourcing and selling Generic Fragrances.

In 2015, DB Fragrance Line began selling Generic Fragrances inspired by many famous Perfume Houses world wide. Our oils used to produce our inspired fragrances are sourced from France from one of the top selling producers of oils globally.

In order to ensure that our costs remain minimal, we operate solely online and no products can be purchased in store, however we have agents nation wide should you choose to collect your order instead of having it couriered (stock location dependent).

DB Fragrance Line prides itself in the quality and longevity of our fragrances whilst still keeping affordability in mind. We are the best in providing an alternative to your much loved original fragrance.